5 Cool Office Gadgets for Less Than 20 Pounds!

usb cup warmer

Offices are of course places of work, but a happy workforce is a productive workforce. This is why designers across the world are coming up with all sorts of cool gadgets for the workplace. Some of these are functional, some of them are just great to look at and yet others are perhaps more distracting than they should be. The craze all began with the classic Newton’s Cradle. Since it came out in the 1960’s, designers have competed to outdo each other with executive toys and gadgets. Electronic gadgets can be expensive, but there are plenty of fun things on the market for less than twenty pounds which can make your day at the office just that little bit more entertaining, or even be useful.

StressBerry Phone Stress Ball

phone stress ball

Combating stress is an important factor in any occupation. Spending all day making and receiving phone calls can become stressful very quickly. Stress balls are designed specifically to let you take your frustration out on something inert and unbreakable, rather than your computer or even your boss. The StressBerry looks just like a BlackBerry, but is made of squeeze-able polyurethane foam rubber. Take out all your tension on this and it will feel like you are getting revenge on your phone. They retail at around £4.99.

Desktop Skip

cluttered desk

If you find that your desk is often a tip, looking more like a tip than a productive workstation, get yourself a desktop skip. These bright yellow mini-skips will never get lost, and encourage you to tidy up your rubbish. Not only that, but they look really cool too, and at only £5.75 they are a bargain.

Tea/Coffee Cup Warmer

mug warmer

When you get involved in a piece of work, you probably find you often let your tea or coffee go cold and waste it. There are now plenty of USB cup warmers on the market so you can keep your drink warm until you are finished. Depending on what you want, they range from around £4-£20. Now you can say yes to every colleague who asks if they can make you a coffee, and drink it at your leisure.

Spy Camera Pen

spy cam pen

Film covert videos of your colleagues in secret with a spy camera pen, featuring full colour video and sound recordings and around fifteen hours (2GB) of memory. Simply slip into your top pocket, switch on and have a wander round the office, then upload to your PC and watch. They retail at around £14.

iMusic Inflatable Chair

There are so many office chairs on sale these days that it can be tricky to know which to get. For portable, musical fun, you can’t go wrong with an iMusic chair. Blow up the chair anywhere, sit back and relax with your favourite tunes. The chair has two hidden speakers and attaches to any iPod or MP3 player. They are usually about £25, but some websites have them for £19.95.

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