Are You Making These Social Media Mistakes?

social media mistakes

Being on a social networking site is a must for every business but it doesn’t stop there. Just because you are on a social media site doesn’t mean that you are doing everything correctly. You might not realize it but you may be making some of these mistakes.

Are you spending too much time online?

And by online meaning on Facebook or Twitter or whatever social media you are in. If your day consists of social media in the morning and meetings, paperwork, etc. all packed in the afternoon, then you are making a mistake. There are a lot of areas in your business that need your attention. You can leave the social networks for a day or two but you can’t afford to ignore your manufacturing or sales for half a day. It will bring disastrous results to your business. Analyze how much time you are spending on these sites and make the necessary adjustments. 10 minutes is enough to make updates and you should only spend a maximum of 1 hour each day for all your social networks.

Have you measured the effectiveness of your site?

You might be spending long hours updating and talking to people on your social media but have you checked how many of those translated to sales? Do you even get new customers in these sites? If the people you are interacting with in these sites have not bought a single product from you ever since you went live, then it might be time to think about shutting it down and moving to another site that will give you more business.

Are you checking these sites for your personal stuff?

It is easy to get distracted to check out what your friends are up to when you are online, for example, in Facebook as your work site is connected to your personal site. Stay focused. Do not be tempted to “just see what’s going on today” or “just 2 minutes and I’ll go back to work”. This attitude will make you lazy and keep you distracted the whole day. Those 2 minutes will pile up and you end up not doing anything. Finish your work first then check your personal stuff during lunch or when you get home. This applies even if you are the boss…especially if you are the boss.

How often do you update your sites?

You might be on every social network site there is but if you only update it once a month, you are as good as invisible. These things take time to develop. Establishing meaningful relationships with your clients also take time. If you can’t stay on top of these sites, delegate it to other staff who will be happy to update it as soon as you have something new to announce.

Social media is not for everybody. If you are not happy with what you are doing, you are bound to fail. Just hire someone or outsource this task to a company who can professionally do it for you. 

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