The Best Laptops and Notebooks to Replace Your Desktops

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With the availability of business apps empowering small business owners to work on the go today, it’s important for you to equip yourself with the right laptops or notebooks. If you are considering which laptops and notebooks that are suitable to replace your desktop, read on…

Not all laptops and notebooks are created the same; in order to replace your desktop, you might want to find laptops and notebooks that have large screen and/or powerful multimedia capabilities – just like your desktop! There are so many types you can consider, but the best way to find out the right one for you is by comparing the features of the laptops and notebooks.

Fear not, we have found a great comparison – it’s from Find The Best, an unbiased, data-driven comparison site. Without further adieu, here is the comparison among the best laptops and notebooks positioned to replace your and your business’ desktops.

Of course, I’m not surprised that one of Dell Latitude model tops the list; I am a fan of Dell Latitude laptops and I own one, too – so I fully agree with the comparison.

How about you? What’s your pick for the best laptop/notebook to replace your desktop?


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