Are You Giving too Much Information to Your Mobile Apps?

mobile app permission woes

Using mobile apps for your business can help you to be more productive with your already limited time. However, despite all the benefits of mobile apps for your business, you should take privacy issues seriously. Why?

When using apps, you are often asked for information irrelevant to what you are using. For instance, a battery app wants to know your location. That’s irrelevant – why would a battery app need your location? This one of many examples shows you that every time you install a mobile app, you need to really pay attention on what kind of information you are giving to the app and app developers.

Well, if you are overlooking data privacy when installing a mobile app, you are not alone: According to McAfee, 83 percent of mobile app users don’t pay attention when asked permissions for accessing your devices in some ways when they are installing an app. Even worse, 42 percent don’t even know what permissions are.

You need to start seriously consider how much privacy you are letting your apps to access: With Android, there are 124 types of permissions, and what’s interesting 33 percent of mobile apps ask more permissions than they need – just like the battery app I mentioned above.

If you are now understand the importance of managing permissions to access your private data, this infographic by McAfee can fast-forward you to the world of compromised personal information in mobile apps:

mobile app permission infographic

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