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The best way to market a product will greatly depend on what that product is. It might sound obvious, but too many people will attempt to use the same marketing strategies to promote apps and websites that they use to promote books, services and food products. Promoting an app in particular is something that is very unique from promoting other types of products, the reason for this being that you are promoting something that exists in a very predefined infrastructure, that is marketed to a very particular audience, and that will operate in a very specific way.

The tips in this article are all things that you can use to market and promote an app that will work specifically with these programs within the app store and apart from it.

Think in Keyterms

This is an aspect of app promotion that very much does has something in common with SEO. The idea here is to think about what people are likely to search in the Play Store that your app offers. Think of the Play Store as essentially a search engine in the vein of Google or Yahoo, and then think about what people actually look for and type in there.

As well as coming up with something that people will be looking for, you need to ensure that it’s something that won’t have too much existing competition. Making an app on ‘foraging for mushrooms’ is brilliant because there’s a built in audience there, but at the same time not too much competition (understandably perhaps).

Create Good Associations

One way you can accomplish this in particular is to associate your app with another app or existing piece of software that people are actively searching for. Don’t change the name of your app to accomplish this, but just sneak it into your description. For instance if you were selling a platform game then you could include ‘the best platform game since Mario’ in the description and then people searching for Mario would be brought to your similar product.

Fill a Need

Another way you accomplish this is to fulfil a very simple need. I’m not going to give you ideas away free here, but for instance imagine there was no app for people doing physiotherapy courses – you can make an app to help called ‘physiotherapy students’ and you’d probably sell a great deal.

Update Often

Now once your app is out there, update it as often as you can. Each time you do this your app gets boosted in the market and rises through the ranks in search. Doing it more than once every 24 hours won’t bring you any benefits, but anything less than that and each new update will get you new users (as well as improve your rankings).

Build On It

Now in these updates you can start to offer a fuller package and build your app from that initial ‘niche-filling’ start. This way you can start to create something that you can charge more for, at the point where you already have some exposure and clout behind you.

Connect Apps

At the same time, once you have a few successful apps, you can use these to promote the less successful ones. You can link directly to the Play store in Android apps and there are (currently) no rules to prevent pop ups and other strategies. This makes advertising very effective in your apps as long as they’re free and it’s a quick way to reach a very large audience. Don’t underestimate the value of giving away a free app.

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