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eBay is an incredibly useful tool that has a huge range of benefits from helping you to track down obscure items to helping you to shop from home without having to trek outside in the cold. These two factors of course can lead to your funds being diminished unfortunately as you find yourself spending money on things that you otherwise would never have found or that previously would have just been too much hassle to track down.

But eBay won’t just drain your finances – it actually can save you money in a lot of ways. Here we will look at some tips to help you earn from eBay.


First of all the best way to use eBay is as an alternative to buying things out there in the real world. In other words if you are in a shop and you see a DVD you want, or an old game, or a book – instead of buying it then and there you should check out eBay and see if you can’t find it much cheaper – because often you can. Be willing to buy second hand and this way you can often get a book that would have cost you $20 for less than $1. Be sure to list items by price including delivery though as this is a hidden cost that can often add up if you aren’t careful.

The very best way to save money through shopping on eBay is to bid on items that are ending soon. By doing this you can often get an incredible range of bargains. Don’t browse here when you don’t need anything because it can provide too much temptation, but if you’re looking for inspiration for someone’s birthday present or you need a new electric banjo (hey, I don’t know what you get up to…) then this is a great way to find some excellent deals.


As well as saving money on what you buy, eBay can also help you when it comes to earning money on what you sell. Of course using eBay is a great way to get rid of old films, old jewellery and collectible comics and figurines, but it can also be a great way to sell things that you make yourself. Don’t have anything to sell lying around? Then get involved in a new art or craft – jewellery making for instance or making posters, and then start selling on eBay. There’s no real overheads here and you can make money doing something you enjoy.

How to Play eBay

If you are selling off your old things then you can make more money by playing eBay. One way to do this is by bidding on your own items – this way you can drive up the bidding and get people to offer more and you can also tempt people into using your ‘Buy It Now’ button which will allow you to put the price a little higher up.

When you start out selling on eBay try to sell a few items using different strategies and this way you can get a feel for what works best. There is definitely an art to making successful eBay listings, so experiment a little and invest some time into working out the best way to raise your profits.

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