Why You can’t do Without Reverse Call Lookups

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Reverse number lookup applications on the web are fairly robust these days. There are many sites on the internet that offer you the ability to find out who called you and where they called from.

Finding the right reverse lookup site or application can be a challenge. One of the biggest problems is that many of them only carry regular white or yellow pages information, and can’t really help when you have an unlisted number coming through.

What types of reverse lookup services are available?

On the plus side, regular white page numbers can be treated to a reverse lookup for free. If you’re trying to check whether a number representing a business is legit or not, this is a good option and you’ll typically get a ‘hit’ when you search.

Why pay for something I can get for free?

If you want to refer to a more comprehensive database that includes unlisted numbers, then you need to shop around for a site that offers that. This type of service is usually paid for on a number-by-number basis or by subscription.

Why do you need to pay for a lookup service? Well, operators purchase databases from telecom companies but often they have to pay for regular updates and changes to the database. For this reason, maintaining a phone number database (especially for cell phone numbers) can be expensive. And it’s a business so there’s profit needed too. That’s why you pay a very nominal charge when you want information on a number.

Why do I need this utility?

Here are some situations for which a reverse lookup is the only way to find out who the person calling you is. Consider these scenarios:

  1. You got a call from a guy named Richard and you have his number. His voice mail message sounded like you’ve met before but you can’t recall who he is. A quick reverse lookup can give you the information you need.
  2. There’s a missed call on your cell phone and you want to know whether it might be a sales call, someone important or just a wrong number. Reverse lookup the number and put your mind at ease.
  3. You have an appointment with the doctor that someone else set up for you and you want to know how far you need to drive. A reverse lookup will tell you what area the number is in.
  4. Your phone bill arrives and you see some numbers you can’t remember making calls to. Another situation saved by the simple but elegant utility reverse lookups provide.

These are just some of the many situations that might realistically arise; and when they do, you’ll know where to go to get the information you need.

One last thing to remember about phone lookups: work with the company that has the most databases. Access to millions of records is what you want, not a site that offers a limited scope of search or doesn’t give you enough information for that number. A good site will give you a name, a date of birth, an address, a connection type (land or cell) and other basic information but a great site can give you comprehensive background info and even arrest and criminal records for the owner of a number.

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