5 Apps That Will Turn You Into The King Of Productivity At Work

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We all dream of getting more work done. When you work for a company this could mean great promotions and a new car. If you work for yourself it might mean you get to spend more time with the kids or make your first million. I’m sure that most people will agree that getting stuff done is vital. That’s not to say it should be sub-standard as long as it’s done, but more quality work will never be a bad thing.

How can you turn yourself into the king of productivity? There’s lots of ways to accomplish it, but if you’d like one way that can be utilized almost instantly then look into some apps for your iPad. There’s a few special apps that will really allow you to get more work done. They will stop you from wasting time and you could be well on your way to riches by next week.


Once you have Dropbox you won’t have to worry about where you stuff is ever again. You have access to everything no matter where you are. It’s also great for sharing things with anyone you want. We have all tried to send that huge email that’s never going to work. It makes it so much easier when you can just give someone a link to Dropbox and they can download it themselves.


When we want to write stuff down and keep a note of our ideas it’s usually in about a million different places. That’s probably what gave the creator the idea for Evernote in the first place. A problem so simple, yet no-one was helping to solve it. Now you have a handy app where you can save all your thoughts and come back to them whenever you want, plus it’s completely free.

1Password Pro

Because the Internet is used so much there days it means we all have about a hundred different passwords. That’s not great since we have to use a different one for every new place. Security demands it and it leaves us having to use our memory more than ever before. By using this app you won’t have to remember anything again because they will all be under one roof.


If you play around on different social media platforms it can take quite a bit of time each day. Even the person doing it for fun can spend hours clicking from Facebook to Twitter. Using it for business purposes is even worse. Use HootSuite and everything will be accessible from the same place and things will get done much quicker than before.


Lots of people keep a blog these days. Some do it for business and some for pleasure, but I’m sure anyone would like the power to blog from their iPad. It makes life so much easier when you can update no matter where you are. Use Blogsy and it makes playing around with the blog so much easier. You might not need a computer again because you can easily work from your hammock at the beach.

About the Author: This guest post is written by James Corris, business expert who loves to integrate technology in business for higher productivity. He has been working with Lowes, leading menswear and work shirts outlet in Australia.


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