5 Common Mistakes Businesses Make

The world of business is not very forgiving when it comes to mistakes. Mistakes that you make are often very difficult to get out from under, and they can sometimes cast a permanent shadow over your operations going into the future.

Reputation Neglect

Neglecting to pay attention to your reputation can be a death knell for your business. Keeping an eye on popular review websites to see what people are saying about you should be a top priority for your business. After all, those reviews are a very important tool for customers deciding on who to do business with.

If you have a bad reputation on these sites, you are essentially throwing all of that business away. For answers about reputation management for your business, you should contact a reputation management company.

Unproductive Employees

There is nothing fun or exciting about firing someone. With the economy as bad as it is, people who are fired can often take months to find something new. However, you can’t let your compassion override the basic necessity of efficiency in your organization. When unproductive employees aren’t pulling their weight, they are dragging your company down.

Getting rid of these employees or motivating them to do more is essential. Too many business owners go soft and allow layabouts to run roughshod over their company’s productivity.


It is common in the business world to see managers sticking with old methodologies. The idea is that it used to work, so it must still work. The honest truth of the matter is that business is a dynamically changing environment. What works one year may be completely obsolete the next year. It’s important to not get bogged down in the way things “used to” be.

Overworking Employees

Some business owners think they get the most out of their employees when they work them to death. The truth is that you actually get less out of your employees when you do this. Remember that these employees are working to make you more money. You should treat each employee as essential to get maximum productivity out of them.

Repetitive Meetings

A lot of business owners overuse meetings. Most meetings are completely unnecessary and don’t cover anything that couldn’t be handled in an email exchange. Use technology to your advantage and increase productivity by leveraging new technology to remove unnecessary meetings.


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