Why to choose IT managed service providers?

If it were any more obvious, we probably wouldn’t need to write this article. IT managed service providers offer you a clear advantage to traditional IT.

If you are operating a business with a “traditional” IT department, you are more than likely wasting a ton of money maintaining an outdated practice. More than three quarters of your cash going into your IT department probably will be going just to your mundane, drudging things like fixes, upgrades, patches, and replacement of dead hardware. You have probably descended to a position where you are now at the mercy of this software that you’re supposed to be controlling, responding to its needs rather than the other way around.

Riding the Wave

Thousands of companies have been taking the step to contracting with IT managed service providers recently. With great technological advances in recent years, it is now quite a cost effective option. Managed Service Providers are an outsourcing solution. You contract with a team of IT professionals who take over all the responsibilities normally assumed by your IT department, and then some.

Upkeep and monitoring of your internet and internal network is just the first step. A quality IT Managed Service Provider will go far beyond this, and will provide valuable tech insights which are always in real time and never discrete. They will do everything possible to keep you completely up-to-date on all essential upgrades, patches, and revisions. The day to day operations of your business promise to grow much more steady and reliable, and your performance will improve dramatically when you get together with the right MSP.

Taking off some Pressure

The need for a large on-site IT staff will shrink to nil. It’s the one thing that most businesses that make the switch value the most, but don’t necessarily want to talk about at length. It’s always difficult to let people go, but sentimentality and the coddling of “dead weight” could easily spell death in today’s cut-throat environment. If you’re going to be viable, you will take a high-performance, cost-saving, resource-optimizing option like an MSP every single time.

With the great advent of Cloud Computing platforms in the business computing world, IT Managed Service Providers’ status has evolved from exclusively luxurious to a highly viable best practice for all. Quality and cost-savings always come out to mean a great value, and this is exactly what you get with a reputable MSP.

Of course, as with everything else, Caveat Emptor remains in full effect. There’s no telling how many cracks and quacks are attempting to gain business and profits without actually delivering anything of any real value. It’s up to you to fully vet your potential Managed Service Provider. This having been said, it is rather easy to sort the pretenders from the contenders. If nothing else, go ahead and talk to some of your peers about what they’ve done or heard. In this world of online manipulation, pay to play, and deceptive marketing, word of mouth is a starkly refreshing throwback.

Author Bio: Deney Dentel serves as CEO for Nordisk Systems, Inc. Nordisk Systems offers wide variety of IT managed services in Portland helping you manage your servers, storage, network, applications, backups and collocation services.


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