Do You Even Need a Smart Phone?

Everybody seems to have one nowadays, and it’s only natural to want to keep up with your colleagues and peers. But do you really need that expensive smart phone? For some, the extra cost simply can’t justify it.

It can be difficult seeing all your friends surfing the internet on their wizzy new smart phones, when all you’ve got is a bog-standard mobile. It’s especially understandable for those who are in social groups where appearance means a lot. Many people like to keep up with the latest trends and fashions – but that’s what a smart phone is – a fashion accessory. For those not so easily swayed by current fads and trends, real savings can be made by sticking the your trusted older model. Whilst a smart phone can provide real convenience and a range of features that some users cannot do without, you need to ask yourself as an individual – do you really need a smart phone?

Will You Use the Features?

Being able to surf the internet on your mobile phone can be a great convenience – one that many smart phone users are amazed they ever went without. But in reality, how often are you actually likely to use this feature? As with many other smart phone features – they offer amazing upsides in a stylish package – but are they really necessary?

Most people aren’t too far from a computer anyway. Whilst the ability to log on and check emails or other useful things shouldn’t be scoffed at, many smart phone users find that in reality – they hardly ever bother. When you first get your new smart phone, you’ll be keen to make the most of it and try all the impressive new features. But as routine sets in, the small screen and often clunky connectivity means most users normally wait until they get to their desktop computer. Those who want to work on the move will normally have a laptop anyway – anyone who wants to do any large amounts of work will not find it easy on a smart phone.

The most popular mobile phone features have stayed constant for many years now – sms messaging and making calls. Any old phone has the ability to do these with ease. If you don’t see yourself using the latest apps or internet options, a simple cell phone can do the job perfectly adequately.

If You Don’t Need It – Why Pay For It?

Because these smart phones are stylish and new – people are paying a premium for them. If you’ve already realised that you’re not the kind of user who’s going to make the most of a smart-phone’s features, there isn’t much reason to pay for one. Not only are smart-phones expensive, but you might have to pay more on your monthly bill for things like bandwidth (for internet use).

For someone who just wants to send sms messages and make the odd phone call, you don’t need these extra costs. Not only that, but you can probably find a regular mobile phone at a good price today, as the market focuses on the new wave of smart phones.

About the Author: Oscar White has long been a follower of new modern technology and gadgets, but even he hasn’t got a smart phone. To find out if you’re eligible for a free phone, you can find more information here.


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