The 4 Deadly Design Sins Of A Business Blog

Are you making a huge mistake? Are you ruining any chance of turning your business into a roaring success because you’re making one too many design flaws? Most people have no idea what the correct way to design a business blog actually is. There’s a difference between making money and having a nice site your friends would like to look at. Imagine lying on some tropical beach somewhere sipping a cocktail out of a coconut. Now realize that it will never happen if you keep making certain mistakes.

You might be able to get away with one of them, but start making anymore and you won’t get far. Don’t turn around and think it’s Ok because you see a successful website doing it. Maybe they were lucky. What if you aren’t? Just stick to the basics until you’re successful and then you can make any changes you want. When your bank balance starts dropping you will change it back right away. Let’s have a look at some of those basic design flaws now.

What’s your point?

What is your business? Is it giving people free information? Is it people joining your Facebook or Twitter? When you land on most websites they have hundreds of things going on. A business should be trying to lead their potential clients to the most important things on their site.

That could be a ‘buy now’ button. Or your sign-up form. Anything that’s going to result in you making money, because guess what? That’s what a business does. If you don’t want to ask someone to buy something straight away then don’t call yourself a business. Funnel your visitors to money pages and you’ll do much better.

One giant puzzle

When someone wants to find information they don’t want to search for hours before they find it. If they wanted to solve a puzzle they would switch on their game console. Navigation is one of the most important aspects of your site.

The way you design your navigation could be the difference between that coconut cocktail and a glass of water. Everything you add to your site should serve a purpose. You don’t waste time writing something for nothing. So you just need to find a way to get eyeballs onto those words in the easiest way possible.

Lack of imagination

This isn’t you that has the lack of imagination. It’s what you are doing that prevents your visitors from using their imagination. What did you feel like the last time you read a scientific study? Or maybe you’ve never read one because they are boring. Just lots of words squeezed onto the page together. Now think about how this relates to your website.

What do you think will happen if someone lands on your site and it’s a huge wall of words? They will think your site is as boring as a scientific journal. You need to go away and find some lovely photos that sparks someone’s imagination. Do that and they’ll come back and eventually buy.

Don’t scare people

People like to be comfortable when they’re looking at a website. They won’t feel comfortable if they’re blasted with lots of colors that scream in their face. I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon a website that looks tragic, only because the owner thought they would jazz it up a little. It turns out that your customers might hate it and leave, never to return.

So just be careful and always stick to something minimalist until you get a proper chance to gauge your customers. You’re going to get more people that like it simple than anything else. At the end of the day, the only important thing is that people are buying from you.

About the Author: Dylan Tyler is a professional web designer and spends his spare time in blogging. He advises webmasters to use appropriate web design and recommends the use of excellent admin templates.


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