Put Your Hand Up If You Think You’re Being Spied On At Work

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Have you ever had that strange feeling that someone is looking? You might be walking down the street and for some reason you have the weirdest sensation that pops into your head. You quickly turn around, but nobody is there. Did you just imagine it? We probably have an extra sense we don’t know about, so maybe we’re not as crazy as you’re thinking after something like this happens. It’s fine when it happens when you’re walking down the street, but what if it actually happened to you in work? What would you do if you knew your employer was spying on you?

You might think that sounds crazy, but sadly it might be true. Your employer could be keeping a closer eye on you, legally, than you think. If it’s legal then there’s not much you can do about it other than quit your job, but if you don’t want to do that it’s still nice to know exactly how they’re doing it so you can keep things to yourself that you don’t want anyone else knowing about. You’ll be red-faced if you go on speaking about all your personal problems then suddenly find out people in your company know everything. Watch out for these sneaky tactics.

Watch out when you type

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Some companies use keylogger software to record what you type. It’s software that records each individual keystroke so someone can come along and read about everything you’ve been doing. This gets a bit weird when you consider the fact they record all your passwords. It doesn’t really matter if they don’t use them, but the fact they are not private anymore is pretty horrible when you think about it. In 99.9% of cases this wouldn’t amount to anything, but there’s always some exception to the rule and people could get hurt.

What websites do you use?

If you ask your boss he’ll probably already know. That’s because he will have website monitoring software that keeps a watchful eye on everything you do online. This might be OK because you shouldn’t really be using the Internet during work hours anyway, but now that you know it might stop you from using certain websites you know will be frowned upon. You definitely wouldn’t be the first person to lose their job because of the dodgy websites the company computer was being used to visit.

Are you social?

How many people do you know who use social media these days? I bet the number is pretty high and most people use it because of boredom. There’s other people who use it and unfortunately get in hot water with their work because of what they post. This is usually something to do with how much they hate their boss, or how they are only sticking around for a little while until they can find a much better job. Employers don’t like this too much and have been known to show you the door so watch out.

You can’t get away

Have a look around the next time you’re working and see how many cameras are watching you. There could be someone on the other end checking up on people and making sure everyone is working hard. The worst part is that they get away with it, though it would be a different story if they tried the same thing in the restroom. It’s the same when you have a car given to you. Don’t expect them not to be tracking it at all times so there’s always someone on your tail.

Your email isn’t safe

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When you send email on your company email address you can be sure they’re reading everything, or at least they will be if they’ve any reason to be suspicious. The same might also apply to your private email address when you use it on a company computer, so don’t go getting carried away and sending things you shouldn’t be. You don’t want that knock on your office asking you to go and see the boss straight away. Not because they’ve been reading your private emails.

About the Author: Jason Haddad says that you must be careful while handling personal mail accounts or social accounts in office because almost all offices have computer spy software installed in their computers for keeping a check on employees.

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