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It is the constant flow of quality and informative content that keep a blog going. Stop the flow and the blog with run dry soon. But just adding content to your blog is not enough to retain your regular visitors; you need to spruce up the posts by using some cool images and videos with the posts whenever possible.

Now, we are not going to give another boring roundup of some popular and well known apps here, rather we are going to discuss some interesting iPhone apps that you should have in your iPhone if you are to write a killer article…

Instgram: Since you are a proud owner of an iphone, I hope that you aware of the existence of this great app. I am well aware of the fact that Instgram has nothing to do with your writing skills. But the purpose of having this app on your iPhone is that it will help you make your content look presentable to targeted audience.


As you are writing for the web, you have to accept the truth that no one is going to read if the page contains only block of letters and nothing else. You have to use great quality images and this is where the importance of Instgram comes into play.

With this app, you will be able to give magical touches to photos and make them appear awesome in no time. It has some cool filter effects that are great enough to make an ordinary image come alive. With this app, you are going to save a lot of your editing time spent on making the images look great, which is certainly a plus.

adobe photoshop express

Photoshop Express: If you are blogger, you have to deal with the intricacies of image editing because you simply cannot make a post go live without images. All other activities like promotion of Facebook account, Pinterest posting etc will come to a standstill if you do such thing. Now as obvious, it is not possible for you to open heavy application like Photoshop all the time to make small changes in an image before getting uploaded in your blog. Rather you should try this miniature version of Photoshop code-named as – ‘Photoshop Express’.

This app is good enough for doing small wonders like – cropping images, adding some cool effects or just modifying an image to make it look better.


Animoto: Yes, just accompanying images with text is not enough anymore. You need to do something more for your visitors so that they feel encouraged to spend few more seconds on your website. By adding an awesome video, you can make your visitors stick around your website. And say thanks to your lucky star because with Animoto, you will be able to create a great video and that too without having any designing or programming skill.

You just need to select some images and a music from Animoto’s collection and it will do the rest. I can dare say that you will be amazed at the outcome. By combining awesome tracks, great graphics and awe-inspiring transitional effects, Animoto manages to create really powerfully persuasive video that will help you to hold onto the attention of your targeted audience.


Videolicious: This is the most competent app that I have ever come across. With this amazing application, you will be able to create amazing videos about your products, service or about your company. You can check out its Guide section if you are finding it tough to follow the instructions as to how to add background images and music.

All you got to do is to select the theme, music, images and then add a video of yours talking about your company and then this app will then mix them up all and the outcome will be just mind blowing.

WP apps for iOS

WordPress App: If you are a regular blogger and cannot even think of giving it a slip even when you are travelling, this app should be gracing your iPhone. With it, you will be able to write and post directly onto the blog. No need to keep the write-ups as drafts and then edit them on your laptop. A must have app for all mobile blogger.

About the Author: Michael Evans is a blogger and passionate writer. He manages Social Media by Webarts and contributes articles to leading SEO journals.


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