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License: Creative Commons image source

License: Creative Commons image source

Many individuals in this day and age hear stories of overnight success and young millionaires and begin to feel that they can quickly reach the same heights. That right there is a recipe for failure. In order to achieve anything great, there has to be passion and hard work ethic fueling the fire. What has worked for others may not necessarily work for you. So, how do you go about setting up your business for success? The answer depends on many variables, but here are a few ways to get started.

The Internet: What Would We Do Without It?

While in the past, getting the word out about your company was something you did locally, today there are a long list of ways to get your name out there, and not just to individuals who live near you. By creating a website, or even a simple social networking page, you can reach people across the globe, and sometimes not have to pay a single dime. Of course, if you want a more in-depth and professional looking website, it would probably be best to hire a web designer to get the job done, if funds allow.

More and more people today turn to the World Wide Web when shopping, researching or taking part in everyday tasks, such as communicating with their families and paying their bills. With so much of our society’s time being spent on the web, not having your own space there could be hindering your company’s ability to truly thrive.

A Fancy Name and Attractive Sign May Not Be Enough

You worked extremely hard to find an area of expertise, and thought long and hard about what the name of your company should be. You even paid the big bucks for that sign you placed out front, which you thought matched perfectly with the neighboring businesses. So, where is all the expected foot traffic? Why aren’t customers coming in?

There are many factors that could be affecting the success of your company. For one thing, maybe your logo is too generic. Maybe it doesn’t grab the attention of your target audience. Sometimes placing a graphic next to, or within the text or a simple border can make the world of a difference. Your font also plays a huge role. Can your sign be easily read? Not only from the street at your physical location but is it easy on the eyes on your website? You need a logo that is going to appeal to the public, either making them curious enough to step foot inside your shop or scroll down when they locate your website. An overly complicated logo can be just as detrimental as one that is too ‘vanilla’.

Location is important both physically and electronically. Opening up a pet shop when there are already two of them within a mile radius could prove to be a very daunting task. The same goes for the internet: having a website that is tough to locate (too common or complicated web address) can make it next to impossible for potential buyers to find all you have to offer.

About the Author: Giselle Hart is a flourishing Ecommerce website designer. She believes in the power of Karma and positive thinking. She loves nothing more than standing on a beach and watching the sun go down.


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