Flash May Finally be Right for Your Small Biz

License: Creative Commons image source

License: Creative Commons image source

As advanced data storage options become more affordable, it’s no secret that small businesses want a piece of the flash storage action. Odds are that small businesses aren’t in the market for a major server infrastructure upgrade, but rather that they’re just looking to make business processes a little more efficient with a storage technology upgrade. The problem is that even with the lowered prices of flash storage per GB, it’s still out of reach for many small business owners. This is why small businesses are looking into powerful Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) options to help ramp up some key business processes within their companies.

Solving the Affordability Issue

Still, even with less complex platforms like VDIs, the cost of running these systems is often too expensive for many small businesses to afford. The good news is that emerging flash storage companies are developing VDI deployment options that businesses of any type or size can afford. For instance, Mountain View’s Pure Storage have developed a VDI platform that small businesses can purchase for just $100/seat, which is unheard of in the flash-based virtualization space. Traditionally, VDI deployment systems range anywhere from $300 to $500/seat. This allows small businesses to utilize flash storage technology without having to physically install solid-state drives into their employees’ desktops, laptops and tablet PCs, and without worrying about the massive cost of implementing a high quality VDI.

Solving the Unused Storage Issue

The flash storage revolution doesn’t stop at cost. Companies of all kinds with significant data management issues can stand to benefit from affordable flash storage arrays. For instance, many companies have terrabytes of underutilized, or unused space in their IT infrastructure. By using a high quality VDI, small businesses can take full advantage of unused/underutilized storage space to get the most out of their data. When it comes to cost-effective data management, mileage is key.

Flash Storage as Money, Time and Energy Saver

As smaller companies adopt flash-based storage solutions, they can reap the benefits of larger SSD-powered infrastructures. As business processes become more efficient, small businesses can save a significant amount of time and money that is often associated with implementing, maintaining and upgrading HDD-powered systems.

Also, since small companies will no longer rely on HDD-powered systems, they don’t have to worry about mechanical failure throughout the life of the devices in their storage infrastructure.

Finally, because flash storage relies on low-powered silicon chip technology as opposed to mechanical spinning disk technology, smaller companies can save a great deal of energy within their storage architecture. For today’s small businesses that are seeking to be environmentally responsible, this is more important than ever.

More than ever, small companies need to have options built into their infrastructure that aid them in powering robust desktop computing processes. The truth is that small businesses can’t afford to buy massively high-powered computing devices for their employees. These new, affordable flash-based VDIs allow small businesses to stay competitive with the big dogs in their industry without breaking the proverbial bank.

About the Author: Kay Ackerman is a self-proclaimed tech geek and freelance writer, focusing on business technology, innovative marketing strategies, and small business. She contributes to www.technected.com and you can also find her on Twitter @KayAckerman.


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