How to Boost Conversion from A Landing Page

License: Creative Commons image source

License: Creative Commons image source

Landing page is supposed to be awesome, the pinnacle of perfection and of course, a money making machine. This may be possible in a Utopian world, but in the real world, it rarely happens. I have personally come across hundreds, possibly thousands, of landing pages that do not even deserved to be treated as landing pages. These poorly designed pages beat the very purpose of designing a landing page. They are uninteresting and clumsy, if not appalling. So, please do not let this happen to your website’s landing page. Hopefully with the following 5 tips, you will be able to design and develop landing pages that will help you see a happy rise in the conversion rate:

What is Your USP (Unique Selling Point)?

Remember the scene where the hero of Transformer series was asked to impress his boss in order to get the job. Well, landing pages have similar job. They are out there to impress the visitors and the only way your landing page might manage to make the cut is by projecting your service as something new and revolutionary.

Okay, so now tell me one thing about your product or service that sets it apart from the rest of the others. Don’t think that hard. It could be anything like – ‘Free Shipping to Mainland UK’ or it could be that your rates are highly competitive. Whatever it is, you need to put the focus on it and bingo!

I always admire the USP of Facebook – ‘It’s free and always will be’. It is cool and clear. The purpose of a USP is to make it clear to the customers what they are like to get. It also gives us an opportunity to set the expectation of the customer. A powerful element that can make or break the future of a landing page.

What Benefits You are Offering?

Customers always want to have the peace of mind that they are getting benefited by opting for your products or service. So, you need to mention the benefits in clear and simple English. Try to answer questions like these – ‘Why Should I need It?’, ‘What Are the Benefits?’, “What other people are saying about this?” and more.

The answer should be clear and to the point. It would be great if you can manage to include some bullet points while describing the benefits. One word of caution, you should not add too much text on the landing page because that would make the landing page look like a blog post. Please don’t do that. Restrain your Shakespearian spirit for a while.  Be brief and to the point. This is the secret of success.

Use Big Product Picture

Words are definitely powerful but a single picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words. Since people are not going to stay forever on your landing page, you have to do something to capture their attention at the very first onset. The best way to seize the attention is by using a large image of the product or service you are offering.

Do not use stock photos because they are not unique. You can use images of ordinary people just to make it evident that your product or service is about solving the issues faced by common people. Use an image that people can relate to and bingo! However, it is not always mandatory that you have to stick to product images or life size images of people to hook the attention of the visitors. Diagrams, charts etc. can also do the same job. Just need to know how to use them to your advantages.

In case, if you are offering any freebie, 30% discount or something like that, you can add that info in the image. That will do good in the conversion path.

Make the Visitors Aware of How it Works

So, you have pitched your product perfectly to your target audience using the tips previously mentioned. But this is not the end of the task. You have to make them believe that this product or service is really going to help them fix things. Thankfully, there are a couple of ways to show that.

You can add pictures of people doing real things with your products. For say, ‘Mobile Safety Steps’ uses images to show how its flagship product ‘Kickalong step’ is being used by people at the workplace. Video can also do miracles here. You can make a video of people using your products in a real life environment. This will create a feel good effect among your targeted audience.

Featuring a list of clients is another great way to impress targeted audience.

Please do not forget to add testimonials. People like to know what other people are saying about your products. Please do not fake anything here because if you get exposed, it will ruin all your prospects.

The Call To Action (CTA)

Suffice is to say that if a landing page does not have a Call to Action button, it is not a landing page at all. Every landing page has a purpose and the Call to Action button should be built around that. Just make sure that the Call to Action button is obvious and gives visitors an idea of what is going to happen after clicking on it.

About the Author: This post is contributed by Simmon Peirre, who is associated with, one of the leading suppliers of platform trucks and trolleys.


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