5 Tech Tradeshows You Don’t Want To Miss

License: Creative Commons image source

License: Creative Commons image source

Tech sector trade shows are quickly becoming more instrumental in setting the tone for businesses and consumers throughout the rest of the year. We have gotten to the point where there are hundreds, if not thousands of different trade shows every year. Attending tech trade shows are fun and interesting for consumers, while they are an absolute necessity for successful or aspiring businesses. Finding the right tech expos can be effective in launching a budding business to new heights or helping a conglomerate maintain a leadership position in its respective industries. Some of the most influential IT trade shows for 2013 are listed below:

TSW Expo:> 

The Technology Service Expo is one of the best trade shows to attend in order to find about the most recent trends and developments in the tech sector. This tradeshow is traditional held twice a year in the first week of May and the third week of October. This conference focuses on the entire tech ecosystem and solutions for advancing the industry. More and more people are beginning to attend this expo each year. Corporate executives and VP’s in the IT sector come from all corners of the world in order to attend this conference. The exhibitors are usually hardware or software enterprises focus on b2b, b2c, networking, automation, medical devices, telecom and other valuable IT services as well.

Real-Time & Embedded Computing Conference: 

This is one of the most renowned conferences in the computer and IT sector. This conference is typically held in Minneapolis during the spring or fall. The 2013 conference will be held during the second week of September. Some of the focal points of this conference include electronics for consumers, data communications and telecom, aerospace and defense, industrial applications and management and imaging processing as well. This event targets design engineers, software developers, distributors and hardware manufactures also.

International Cloud Expo:

This tradeshow will be held for four days in New York during the second week of June. This trade show focuses on the recent developments and the advancement of the cloud computing sector. Technical professionals like engineers, networking specialists, and enterprise architects and data managers routinely attend this conference. There will be several demonstrations and session at this conference that focus on big data and information management solutions.

FOSE Exposition & Conference: 

This government conference will be held in Washington D.C during the third week of May at the Walter E. Convention Center. This is the largest and most expansive conference in the U.S that is centered on the government IT sector. This conference features the newest technologies, training, education and other resources that government officials need on a daily basis. The 2013 conference will focus on issues related to mobilizing the government workforce, cyber-security, cloud computing, data centers, defense IT applications and the alike.

Sapphire Now:

This annual SAP conference will be held during the second week of May in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center. This trade show provides a venue where SAP clients and SAP managers can get together to participate in informative courses, keynote speeches and special presentations as well. Some of the typical attendees at this conference include representatives with IBM, Microsoft, Infosys, Deloitte and hundreds of other IT firms from around the world. This is the perfect expo for businesses that regularly utilize SAP.

About the Author: Tiffany Ramirez has worked in the tech industry for over 7 years. Learn more about tech and sales conferences that you don’t want to miss!


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