Tablets For Business: 7 Reasons Your Company Should Get A Tablet

License: Creative Commons image source

License: Creative Commons image source

Globalisation has hit us big time. We are constantly trying to get the newest, most innovative and cutting-edge gadgets to suit our lifestyle. Sit on a train, and you are guaranteed to have someone scrolling their smart phone, plugged into music or tapping away on a tablet. We are always trying to mould and shape to technology.

Tablets are still relatively new on the marketplace, but can benefit your company infinitely. Curious? Here are seven reasons why you need a tablet in your business.

Make your presentations look better

Get out of that starchy boardroom and enjoy sipping on your coffee in a café with your clients. Tablets offer the opportunity to showcase your company’s information, including high-res graphs and images, in compact form configured to tablet size – with sleek and lightweight features to boot. So, do away with manila folders, piles of documents and sifting through notes and put your finger to a tablet for extra fast access.


Take the bore out of lecture style training programs and use a tablet to create an interactive and pragmatic way of training and development. Whether you’re an interactive designer or an accountant, tablets can help your business grow. Explore training websites like where staff can learn and fine-tune business strategies and develop their skills through passionate industry experts.

Build rapport with clients

Maintain excellent client rapport for your business by constant access to email. While we’re all about to receive real-time email through our smart phones, having to Google search information and write lengthy emails with a smaller device isn’t as convenient as conducting this with a larger device – and when you’re dashing to and from the office, you don’t need the hassle of messing around with small keypads on your smartphone! Go on, make things easier for yourself and invest in some tablets.


Time is always of the essence. If you sell products, you can rest easy now. A smart cookie has integrated point-of-sale systems into tablets. For instance, your restaurant business can have the data input directly to the back kitchen for faster and more efficient service. You will also notice a tablet POS system is cheaper than the conventional POS systems. Same goes with office transactions too.

Remote Document Management

Ever leave the office and realise you need to review a document for your next meeting? The tablet offers a convenient and stress-less remedy for you and your business. There are plenty of productivity apps to utilise so you can make edits on the go. Select a remote desktop app so you can access, store and sync this with your documents stored on your computer – this way, version control is one less thing to worry about.

Track Inventory

Tablets let you track integral business data with ease. Access real-time data for your retail or factory inventory easily through the Canvas app, which presents your data with spread sheets and can be converted to PDF. The app can also help your business to record what maintenance tasks need to be executed, field inspections to ambulance inspections and safety checks.

For Mother Nature

Tablets help the environment. They’ll also reduce the cost of ordering excessive amounts of paper reams so you can allocate your business budget to important business strategies instead. Winning.

About the Author: Rebecca Parish is a freelance journalist who uses equipment finance to write articles on the go.


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