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License: Creative Commons image source

License: Creative Commons image source

Two timeless problems of professionals around the world are wasted time, and lack of organization at work. These two factors have a direct impact on the business of a company, a fact which highlights the necessity of organization tools for work.
According to studies, up to 50% time spent working is unproductive, focussing on necessary tasks that do little of value, such as processing emails.

The resulting pressure to perform efficiently has pushed professionals to find organization tools for work to increase their productivity. In recent years, companies have seen an influx of employees bringing their own devices to work to use these tools. This is a significant issue that raises risks such as loss of classified information or important data, but despite these risks most CIOs are yet to determine an efficient way of tackling this problem. To understand this phenomenon, it’s important to know the reasons that led to this new way of working.

Wasted time, what are the factors?

Almost invariably, meetings are the primary cause of this wasted time. These encounters are inevitable in the business world, but are they really so productive? On average there are 62 meetings held per employee per month, which is 31 hours of lost productivity per month. In addition, many different types of meetings combine to represent a significant annual cost for a company:

  • Project meetings: $4,000
  • Client meetings: $6,500
  • Team meetings: $13,000
  • Executive meetings: $40,000

Another factor in the loss of time in business is information processing. A normal employee receives on average 110 emails per day, which represent 25% of their working time. For businesses, information processing is 150GB of data stored per year, or 12GB of processed an average day for an employee. Most of these emails are repetitive tasks which are a constant source of lost productivity.

These various time loss factors may be due to the fact that the organization tools for work are inadequate. For example, a employee loses on average 20 minutes a day to manage their schedule, 10 minutes to general maintenance and 10 minutes to coordination of meetings.
Several organization tools for work are available to automate the management, but paper is still widely used in many companies:

  • 13% use paper to manage their calendar
  • 32% use paper to manage their projects
  • 38% use paper to manage their ToDo lists

This represents 32% of their business.

All these factors combined justify the average professional’s search for tools to organize themselves and others, to facilitate processes and assist with management of their business. In recent years there has been a new type of device that has begun to be used to signnificantly increase productivity at work: digital tablets.

BEESY an all-in-one tool for professionnal

The resulting pressure to perform efficiently has pushed professionals to find organization tools for work to increase their productivity. We found an iPad app called Beesy, they assume that all information entered in a meeting are related to the set of actions to deal with a project. Beesy offers making intelligent note taking that can automatically generate to-do lists for you and your employees. Beesy is a complex, multi-functional productivity app for the iPad, that is looking to change how we take notes and do work.

Beesy targets six key needs of professionals:

  • A professional all-in-one solution that consolidates information in one App (Calendar, notes, storage, task management, etc)
  • Intelligent note taking for quick and efficient entry
  • A record of meeting minutes in less than a minute
  • The automation of task management from these notes
  • Team management via the delegation of tasks right as you are taking notes
  • Analysis of project priorities and objectives

Beesy is a efficient app that would benefit any business looking to organise their daily tasks effectively. The extensive help guides, along with its well-designed layout, make it very user friendly. The ability to customise and edit information also makes it unique for each type of business. The app is very effective in saving time and effort for its users and presents a well-organised, clear and concise format. It details project management activity, tasks, actions and goals, including the responsibilities and deadlines of participants involved in a professional and helpful way.

The developers of Beesy are currently in the process of developing the app further by allowing for multi-device syncing and collaboration options between users. This will then allow the app to be compatible with the iPhone.


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