Cloud Computing’s Impact On In-Car Software

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The demand for more sophisticated types of vehicle software has led to many companies switching to the cloud to keep up with the development needs of in-car computer systems. The features, functions and memory of most in-car software have grown in size and complexity making it necessary for the cloud to be used in their development.

The type of software used in today’s vehicles is complicated and elaborate making it too difficult to be completed in a year without the use of cloud computing services. The cloud has made it easier to create software quickly that can be used in today’s more intricate types of vehicle computer systems.

Cloud Has Become The Choice

One of the reasons the cloud has become the choice for creating in-car software is that it provides room for growth where more bandwidth is needed. The software demands for vehicles have quickly changed from more basic coding and a monochrome display to more than a hundred million lines of code with a full touchscreen display equal to an iphone or ipad.

This rapid shift required many developers to find a way to deliver these larger applications through the cloud which provides flexibility for scaling up. They are also able to build the software much faster than they were able to do with their on-premise systems.

Beneficial For Developers 

Another aspect of cloud computing that has proven beneficial for developers of in-car software is the ability to go global with their workforce. Using team members across the world has made it easier to meet deadlines by working on their systems 24 hours a day.

Their remote teams would struggle with working through their previous U.S. based data center. With cloud services, teams around the world are linked and using the same processes and toolset in order to work more effectively at meeting their software development goals.

Easier To Add New Functions

Cloud services can also make it easier to add in new functions, an ability which has been of great benefit for in-car software development as it is constantly growing and changing. Instead of going through the usually slow and expensive process of adding new software, the cloud allows these companies the chance to add in a new tool with simply a phone call.

The cloud environment provides a powerful way for companies to evolve and improve software without the usual delays. For those working with in-car software, the need to quickly adapt their tools to the changing environment of technology makes cloud computing the best solution when it comes to adding in new functions.

The Consumer Demand 

With consumers demanding more sophisticated technology included with their vehicles, software developers have had to adapt their business practices and begin to rely on cloud computing instead of onsite data centers.

The need to develop and build complex in-car software within a short amount of time has made the use of cloud services an important part of the process for the companies involved in these services.  Cloud computing provides the flexibility and scalability that is necessary to meet the evolving technological needs of in-car software.

About the Author: Leo Hart is a technology expert form his time spet working at Custom Cloud, learn more about Leo’s work by reading his blog on cloud computing.


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