Why Having A Data Recovery Plan Is Crucial For Small Businesses

License: Creative Commons image source

License: Creative Commons image source

Hardware failure, hackers, viruses and other disasters are the worse enemy of a business, whether large or small, and a recovery plan is absolutely essential for the survival of any business. Though it may seem rather boring to plan ahead for data failures and such, it is always time well spent since data loss, whether sensitive or otherwise, could literally cripple any business.

Digital data is now a part of everyone’s life, and this fact is not exclusive to online businesses anymore. The loss of such data would essentially mean loss of business and livelihood, without a proper data recovery plan the only hope is to start from scratch. Data loss can mean you can lose a client base, list of items in stock, prices, and much more important data like passwords and bank data.

As you can see it is vital to back up your data, and here we will show you just how to do that with minimum fuss. First let’s create a data recovery plan as our first step.

Creating a Plan

Making a complete inventory of your business’s storage based hardware, which will save you valuable time in the future. Choosing an adequate data back up plan and a data recovery specialist like Easy Recovery will ensure your business enjoys the highest possible levels of data, you should do this as early as possible to ensure the solution is in place before any problems occur.

Making sure the data recovery expert is reputable and finding out about the vendor’s expertise and certification (i.e. can they open a drive without voiding it’s warranty in case of recovery) will ensure you have peace of mind when leaving matters in their hands. Some online electronic vendors will offer free back-up service plans when purchasing storage m
edia (i.e. hard drives) so it pays to enquire about such offers before making a purchase.

Implement your data backup strategy as soon as possible so that everything is backed up should disaster strike. It is wise to keep the back-ups away from your in-house network and maintain them regularly, particularly if they contain data that changes regularly.

Using Automated and Manual Solutions

Backing up your own data manually is a great way to selectively choose what is important to your business, but at times the busy nature of a business does not make this the idea solution. While manual back up is great and cost effective, it is always too time consuming.

Purchasing a back up program can save valuable time, though it can result in investing in more costly storage if you use it to perform automatic backups. More data backed up means more space needed in your drives or cloud storage, so manual backups are usually a m
ore cost effective solution.

Threats, Hackers and Viruses

Lastly, though back up is important prevention is even more important. You should understand that malware, viruses and hackers are the first concerns you should have for your business’s online presence. Viruses are getting more sophisticated and some can completely encrypt your files without chance of recovery.

Investing in powerful firewalls (i.e. hardware-based firewall solutions) and virus scanners can ensure your business’s peace of mind, and stop any unwanted scripts, viruses and malicious threats which could potentially spell disaster. Data recovery is not always possible in such cases, and this is where the implementation of your data backup plan becomes imporant, it is the only way you have of recovering files from certain viruses.

As you can see, a combination of backing up your data, having a good firewall/anti virus and a solid data recovery specialist to fall back on can mean complete safety for your business. Never neglect any of these three aspects and your business will be sure to survive and potential data threats that come it’s way. These simple preventative measures will mean that your data will always be intact, and backing up everything will mean that you will not suffer any losses due to unpredictable events like hardware failure.

About the Author: By Nick Davison Advanced Data Recovery provide personal and corporate data recovery solutions across London and the UK, please visit our website for more information.


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