Mobile World Congress, Dial Tone Of The Internet And The Samsung Push

License: Creative Commons image source   Mobile World Congress comes soon after the big announcement that Facebook has spent $19 billion buying messaging service Whatsapp. Although Mark Zuckerberg...
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Combat Data Loss with Proper Data Recovery Plan

Even though your business may be performing smoothly now, that does not mean that it does not have the risk of losing data later. This is why a data recovery plan is needed. In fact, it is required....
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Shell project

Want Tech Skills? Try Shell Graduate Programme

photo credit: Shell John is an engineering student. Next year he will graduate, and he is currently considering his options. He is thinking about working for his dad’s company; he is also thinking...
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Could CRM Make Your Business / Marketing More Effective?

License: Creative Commons image source Would you like to grow your business? Of course you would, but doing so isn’t always easy, the bigger your business gets the harder it is to keep track of your...
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