Never Underestimate Thieves: 3 Ridiculous Things That Are Commonly Stolen

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Thieves Are Always A Threat

One of the biggest things that companies and businesses worry about are thieves. Companies fear a common thief walking in from the street with a gun in their hand or a slick thief who works for the company and the defrauds or embezzled money.

Companies have many ways of catching thieves, but since many have a prejudice about how a thief will look, many companies are never prepared when a thief strikes. It’s a good idea to be open-minded when it comes to how, when, and where thieves will strike because many thieves will steal absolutely anything.

Who Would Steal Change?

One would think that a person who steals money would, at least, steal dollar bills to get value out of their crime, but who would steal change? All change still has value, especially if it’s in higher denominations like dimes or quarters. It’s hard to believe that there could be enough change worth stealing, especially since it would take a lot of change to reach hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and it would be a heavy load to carry as well.

There have been several thefts documented over the years about people who have stolen bags of coins, which contained nickels, dimes, or quarters. The overall haul from these crimes reached into the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. It may sound stupid and pointless to steal change, but when there’s enough of it, the theft may be worth it to the thief.

The best prevention for such a theft depends on where the theft occurs. If the theft occurs in a business, then video surveillance is the solution as well as security guards. Theft that occurs because money is carelessly left behind by employees is simply negligent, and this requires new employees who are less likely to leave money lying around.

Stealing From An Electrical Substation

Electrical substations are the last thing people think about unless there is no power. Thousands have gone without power in the past because of substation theft. As much as people love what electrical substations do for them, they never realize the overall use or importance of the substation until the power goes out or there are other problems.

Thieves are now targeting electrical substations more than ever before, especially because of the copper wiring and metals that can fetch good prices if sold to certain junkyards or scrap metal purchasers. Fixing the problems caused by the theft can be expensive, so the best solution is to prevent theft in the first place.

Certain substations will mark the wiring or parts inside the substation, just in case it gets stolen or is junked or sold to scrap metal purchasers. This is a great form of protection, but the best suggestion is to get substation security. Active or passive infrared sensors, video analytics, and dual-technology sensors are all great solutions for helping to protect electrical substations. Video surveillance is not enough though because some form of human patrol needs to be on-site or, at least, monitoring the video surveillance to make sure that theft doesn’t occur.

If a theft does occur, then the thieves can be caught before they can get away with the supplies if proper security measures are in place.

Fake Phones Still Have Value To Thieves

Everyone knows that cell phones are very valuable, especially the smartphones that are being sold today. In 2013, smartphone thefts rose to 3.1 million. Also reported stolen was 25,000 fake display phones, a pretty ridiculous thing to sell considering the hold no value whatsoever.

Weave Thefts

It’s almost hilarious to talk about, but there have been many weave thefts over the years. With more people now admitting that they wear fake hair, especially stars in Hollywood, many want the best type of hair, which is virgin hair. Thieves will break into stores and steal many packs of the hair, especially since they can cost hundreds of dollars per pack.

Prevention of this kind of theft is easy enough because video surveillance would help as well as securing the most expensive packs of hair in a locked location in the store as well as adding foot patrols or security personnel to the store.

Get Security

Security is always the key to any theft because any place that’s not secure is more likely to have a theft than places that have some sort of security. Video surveillance is the best recommendation, but also consider security patrols.


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