Cloud Computing – The Key to Business Success

cloud computing for business

Adopting the cloud can offer your business the competitive edge

Cloud computing has opened up several avenues for business enterprises to conduct and carry out their operations. Not only has it helped businesses overcome geographical boundaries but it has also empowered them with resources to do business at high speed and greater levels of efficiency. While the cloud revolution has been around for some time, it is dynamic and still evolving as the key to business success. Here’s how…

Empowering Small Businesses to Go Global Quickly and With Ease

The cloud was, is and will be opening up new markets and in the process it is empowering small- and medium-size companies to leverage its power to grab a slice of the market share. Small- and medium-size businesses will no longer be limited by geographical boundaries and budgetary limitations. The cloud will help them to transcend boundaries, go global at very low or negligible overhead costs.

Opening Up of New Markets

With a spurt in the number of cloud based applications that enable people to access the web through their phones and complete commercial transactions as well the cloud is opening up new markets across the globe. This is particularly true of emerging markets like India and China where population is higher, number of mobile phone users far outnumber number of landline connections. They can embrace the cloud quicker and explore new opportunities ahead.

Burgeoning Growth of E-commerce

With the number of buyers preferring online transactions over physical buying experiences, online buying which is fundamentally a cloud phenomenon is truly changing the way people buy and sell goods and services.

It has been found that in instances which call for direct personal interaction, buyers are now deciding whether or not they would buy products and services based on input from online communities. The opportunity to run a flexible virtual business vis-a-vis a traditional brick and mortar one has seen the growth of a number of e-commerce stores and ventures.

Tracking Customer Preferences Is Simpler Now

With an increase in the number of choices that buyers have the need for companies specializing in advertising in advising people as to what to purchase and from where has arisen. The need for such guidance has prompt the growth of new companies that are powered by the insights from the many footprints buyers leave online on social networking sites and platforms as well as previous purchase history.

Better Inventory Records

A common problem buyers today face is that when they search for products that they need and want they may not available because stocks have run out. With the cloud, inventory records will become more visible and reliable.

If you are looking for cloud computing solutions to help your business succeed your options include big players like Google, Amazon and Microsoft and emerging names in the cloud space are AppZero, Enomaly, Long Jump and Vaultscape, Flexiant, Workbooks, CloudSigma and Cloudmore, etc.


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