Are There Problems Hosting A Small Blog On The Cloud?

License: Creative Commons image source Cloud computing is a particularly hot topic today. Many website owners feel that it might be a good idea to migrate to the cloud. However, it may not be the best...
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the cloud

How The Cloud Changed Business In 2012

Image: Kevin Dooley “The Cloud”, a term that was banded around with quick succession in both the marketing and IT world, had officially become the IT buzz world by the end of 2012. So what...
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cloud services

Who Should be on the Cloud and Why

Image by Gary Hayes / Flickr If you’ve heard about cloud computing recently, you’re not alone. Many tech companies, from computer manufacturers to cell service providers, have been talking...
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post pc era

Is Cloud Computing is creating a Post-PC Era?

There is a new debate in the tech world, whether or not cloud computing will be the cause of a post-PC era. While some believe the use of mobile devices, cloud computing and virtual apps will create...
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cloud computing for business

Cloud Computing – The Key to Business Success

Adopting the cloud can offer your business the competitive edge Cloud computing has opened up several avenues for business enterprises to conduct and carry out their operations. Not only has it helped...
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mobile cloud computing

Cloud Computing Trends for Small Buisness: SMBs want Small Business Apps in the Cloud

iPad and the cloud: A match made in heaven It seems that small and medium businesses (SMBs) are really getting into the groove with everything cloud computing; great news for cloud service providers...
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