Is Cloud Computing is creating a Post-PC Era?

post pc era

There is a new debate in the tech world, whether or not cloud computing will be the cause of a post-PC era. While some believe the use of mobile devices, cloud computing and virtual apps will create the lack of need for a PC, others believe cloud computing enhances PC use and functionality. Both sides of the fence are fed by trends, speculations and the increase use and functions of the cloud.

The Cloud and File Storage:

One of the uses of the cloud that many are looking at as a replacement for the PC is in files storage. With the cloud, you have an unlimited amount of storage at an affordable cost. This eliminates the need to store files on a device, but rather create the file, upload it, and download each file as needed.

The benefit of this storage is the ability to use devices with less storage than a PC. Also file sharing, collaboration, and real-time changes, combined with browser based apps, means a device doesn’t necessarily have to download a file. Any changes that need to be made can be made in the cloud.

For those who use mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones may not use their laptops or PCs as much as in the past. This causes some to believe that this is a contributing service to the post-PC era that they speculate will be coming.

The Cloud and Apps:

In the past, when you needed to make changes to a Word document, an Excel file, or even a Power Point presentation, you needed to do it on a PC. Now browser based apps allow for users to edit their documents from virtually anywhere and on various platforms. This means whether you use a smartphone or a tablet, you can still make the changes you could with a PC.

There are other browser-based apps in production or beta that will soon be accessible on multiple platforms. For instance, web development programs, Flash alternatives, and image editing and creation software are already being developed to allow web and graphic developers to use a browser rather than a PC to get things done. This is another innovation that is fueling the debate.

The Cloud and Devices:

With all the changes in technology, one change that we will be seeing more of is devices with less resources and lower prices. With cloud computing and browser-based apps, the amount of resources we needed in the past will no longer be needed to complete tasks and stay productive. This is the idea behind the cloud, to allow for less resource on the device side and more processing workload on the server side.

Manufacturers are already developing laptops that have fewer resources and will be cloud dependent. This will offer low-cost options for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money but still have the functionality of a full-priced laptop.

Whether you believe the PC is fading out, or you believe the cloud enhances the PC experience, one thing is for sure, there are changes being made in technology. The cloud is connecting our devices in a way that we always wanted. Now your tablet, PC and smartphone can share files, complete tasks, and use fewer resources while keeping you connected no matter where you are.

About the Author: Jason Hunter is a tech writer and avid cloud user who depends on cloud services when he has a large file transfer he needs to send to his tablet.


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