Productivity Apps that Make Life Easier for Small Business Owners

License: Creative Commons image source

License: Creative Commons image source

As a small business owner, you need to keep track of numerous things. You need to get a lot of things done within a short time. At such times, help with the administrative tasks, which aren’t related to the core business but are necessary, seems indispensable.

Managing every task associated with your new business may seem to be impossible at first. But it isn’t so. With a little planning, and a little help from technological advancements, it is possible to overcome the time constraint.

Here are a few productivity apps that can help you manage it all – business and life.

To keep track of brainwaves: Numerous things run through your mind when you have to handle so many things and juggle so many roles. Running around with a notebook and pen isn’t quite an effective idea. This is where Evernote comes to your aid.

The app runs on BlackBerry, Android, iOS and Windows and gives you the option to sync your notes and task lists, which you can access from multiple devices. You can also flag and tag any specific idea for later use or reference.

To avoid mailbox clutter: New entrepreneurs don’t really have Monday morning blues. Correct? Not really. Mondays are dreaded because of the cluttered inbox you face. Don’t worry; the Mailbox app is here for your help.

With this app, you can sort through your mail in minutes. Pick the important ones and swipe away the trash. Vital messages you need not read immediately can be snoozed. And they will appear in the inbox later. The app works on iOS and Gmail too.

To organize ideas: At times, ideas, concepts and projects clutter the mind. And at times, you just wish that you can remember the subcategories of a concept. The mind maps of the Mindnode app let you organize every element and create visualizations.

Available for iOS only, the app makes it easier to accomplish both the simple and complex tasks. Create lists, organize ideas, and brainstorm concepts with easy to comprehend formats and masterful graphics.

To store and share data: How do you ensure that your data is safe? How do you share files that are too big to distribute via mail? The cloud-based app Dropbox offers a convenient and smart solution to your problems.

Store all your files, be it docs, photos, audios or videos, in the cloud with the app. As everything is in the cloud, you can access it from any device. What’s more, you can create an interface and make file sharing a breeze.

To streamline project management: Is project loss due to data slippage a common occurrence? If it is, you need to take a step immediately to stop it. An app like Tracky can help you achieve your objective with ease.

Collaborate with team members, put projects on ‘tracks’, organize content, monitor time and do a whole lot of things with this app. Suitable for iOS, the drag and drop feature of this tool offers maximum advantage with minimum complexity.

To manage social media: If you wonder about the necessity of social media for a small business, you are way behind. In the modern world, every business needs to be on Facebook and Twitter, in the least. HootSuite gives you just the way to do this.

It is a single tool to coordinate your social media strategy and manage multiple platforms within a matter of minutes. The app runs on iOS and Android and gives you the choice to schedule posts and access analytics.

To ease the recruitment process: You may not need to appoint people at the start of your business. But it won’t stay this way for long. As your business grows, you won’t be able to manage it alone. You need to recruit. And Recruiterbox gives you a hand.

Receive all resumes at one place, use the software to screen them, track the progress of candidates at each stage of the application process and find the right employees. It all becomes easy when you have the app for recruitment process management.

About the Author: Evans is a blogger and content marketer currently associated with GasStorageDepot which is a leading supplier of Cylinder Stands in the UK.



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