The Best Project Management Software For Small Creative Teams

License: Creative Commons image source

License: Creative Commons image source

If you work for a small creative team, then you know that organization plays a key factor in your project’s success. Staying on top of your projects is crucial, and you need the right software. While Microsoft Project remains an industry standard, it’s a pricey piece of software that may not be the best fit for your small team. The following outlines three great alternate software packages available to small creative teams, each with a range of services to help you get work done.


With major customers like HBO and GE, At-Task ranks among the top project management software companies in the world. At-Task uses cloud technology to maintain projects from start to finish, allowing you to get projects completed without the drama of disorganization. At-Task’s features include a centralized request management system so that everyone in the team stays on the same page, and no one’s left in the dark about where a project is going. As a cloud-based company with customizable features, this high-level product also works well for small creative teams that don’t need a lot of advanced features, but it’s nice to know that they’re there.


Clarizen tops the list of project management software products for its ease of use and powerful features. Compared to Microsoft Project, Clarizen is an outstanding value. It works on all major computer platforms and includes the same services for a fraction of the cost of MS Project. It even includes features that MS Project does not, like collaborative software and issue tracking. For smaller teams, this means getting an impressive suite of features without breaking the bank. Its integration with smartphones and bilingual capabilities also set Clarizen apart from other software companies, making this project management software particularly attractive for mobile creative teams

Liquid Planner

Liquid Planner boasts simplicity as its most sought-after feature. Unlike Microsoft, which offers a complex and expensive project management software package, Liquid Planner provides a scaled down version with enough features to make it attractive to small creative teams. What might be even more appealing to small teams is that Liquid Planner is much less expensive than bigger software companies and offers basically the same features for less. The software is compatible with top brands, and even major corporations like Cigna and Pitney-Bowes utilize its fully integrated features. Whether you need a lot of complexity or simple time management, Liquid Planner offers customized options for your team.

Utilizing great software can help you manage deadlines, files and work product easily and efficiently while keeping everyone involved on the same page. With cloud computing and mobile adaptability, your team can share files and communicate even if you’re separated by distance or other factors. The software listed above comes highly rated among industry experts and includes testimonials by major companies. With a wide array of features and integrated technology, these software packages will help you stay organized and focused on your tasks.


About the Author: Sally writes for Milestone UK the Primavera P6 training & project portfolio management software experts since 1994.


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