4 Must Have Workforce Management And Productivity Mobile Apps

Image Credit: pollas

Image Credit: pollas

As more and more companies have workers deployed across various territories and areas it is more important to have automated tools in place to manage the workforce. There is an old management term “MBWA” which means “manage by walking around”. Unfortunately many managers can no longer just walk around the office to find out how their teams are doing and if there are any issues.

Mobile workforce management software is needed for businesses that utilize teams in the field. Mobile apps can help to boost the capabilities of workforce management software. Some of the most essential workforce management software apps include:

1. Calendar for scheduling 

With quick access to the day’s schedule your field workers can be sure to know their agenda and what is expected.  The calendar should be synchronized with the primary business calendar as often as possible throughout the day.

2. Messaging and email 

Staying in touch with your mobile workforce will make sure jobs are finished on time and business is completed to meet customer expectations. An integrated messaging and email system can track communications and insure responses are prompt.

3. Work order tracking

Keeping tabs on the status of work orders will help managers to improve efficiency and track the number of jobs completed each day.  Better visibility in the field and in the front office keeps everyone on the same page.

4. Location tracking

Knowing where your field workers are located can help you to optimize time on the road, save on fuel expenses, and respond to customer requests much quicker.

There are many types of mobile applications that can do each of these tasks. However, it is not very efficient to have a separate application for each task. Instead you should consider having workforce management software in place that can combine all of these must have apps into a single software solution. A single application makes mobile accessibility simpler so your field technicians are more likely to utilize consistently. A single workforce management software application is also much easier to manage from an IT perspective.

Efficiency and Integration

Consider using a workforce management software solution that can be easily utilized in the field but also has back office integration capabilities to allow seamless movement of transactional data. With the right levels of integration all completed work orders can be automatically posted to accounting for easy payment processing. Worker time and jobs completed can be sent to your payroll processing systems as well if you like.

As the need for mobile workforce management software grows, your business should take full advantage of solutions applications that are mobile-friendly while also improving your overall business productivity, quality and efficiency. Consider integrating ClickSoftware powered mobility solutions, as they boast the leading field service and mobility management technology in the industry. There are a number of third party software implementors that will integrate the branches of your workforce with software solutions powered by ClickSoftware. This will give you an edge against your competitors. Effective optimization is key for your business to thrive in a tech-savvy modern market.

About the Author: Michael Runshe is an expert in feid service management solutions and ClickSoftware implementations. He currently serves as the marketing manager for Euclides Technologies Inc. You can follow Michael’s blog posts at www.euclidestech.com/blog.


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