6 Small Business Apps You Shouldn’t Live Without

License: Creative Commons image source

License: Creative Commons image source

Running a small business isn’t always easy, but it is certainly worthwhile. It is estimated the average small business owner will spend 12 hours per day working on their business, and there’s plenty to be done during that time. Wouldn’t it be amazing to make life just a bit easier for a change? With these 6 small business apps you can do just that. Do not miss out on these apps or you will be missing out on peace of mind!

1. DropBox

DropBox is a file storage solutions app that can reduce hassle in your life. You can easily store, view and share files with others within the business, even if they are around the world. The best thing about DropBox is that you get a free trial so that you can test things out before investing any money.

2. Evernote

Evernote allows synching of many differ
ent organizational needs. You can easily jot down notes, tips, projects, reminders and more and share in a notebook with other employees. Evernote gives 2GB of storage space for each employee, available at no cost for iOS, Mac OS X, Android, Windows 8 and the Blackberry.

3. Meeting Mapper

Meeting Mapper is an iPad app that makes meetings easy to map out, helping to track all of the feedback from participants in the meeting. You can even schedule follow ups with employees if need be with this handy app.

4. HootSuite

Hootsuite is another can’t live without business app, this one available on the iOS and the Android. Since social media is so popular for businesses these days this app enables you to manage all of the many accounts you are sure to have, whether it is Twitter, LinkedIn, Fa
cebook, Instagram, Google+, MySpace or others.

5. Expensify

Another must have app, this offers big advantages to small businesses. This expense app makes it easy to access your company’s expense report, helping you manage all of your accounts, credit card transactions and more. This app allows you to take photos of receipts and even can handle processing and billing processes. There are both free and paid versions of this app, but even the paid versions are affordable at no more than $10 per month.

6. FoxFi

This app is offered for Android enabled devices and ensures that no matter where you go there is Internet available when you need it. You don’t need a tether plan to access this WiFi free hotpost, and even better it doesn’t require any breaking and entering into your phone.

These are just a handful of the many business apps that are sure to add valu
e to your business world, so do make sure that you go and get them without delay because the benefits that are offered are not to be missed out on. But don’t limit yourself –it is a technology savvy world, and there are plenty more great apps where these come from. Check them out, make your choices, download and you’re ready to experience business at its best.

About the Author: This article is contributed by Pritam Nagrale who is a blogger from India. He writes on small business tips & make money ideas on Jobs8Home.com. He also writes about Indian companies at TopCompaniesIndia.com. You can follow him in Google+.


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