Here’s How To Easily Develop Your First Android App

License: Creative Commons image source

License: Creative Commons image source

Android is the current big thing in technology right now and just like in the early days of the internet, everyone is wanting to get on the boat. While for some people this is an easy thing to do because they either have the skills to develop an Android app already or they can afford to pay someone who does, this may not be true for you.

You may be thinking to yourself that creating an Android app is hard and requires extensive knowledge of computer programming. Well, the good news is that neither of these facts is in any way true. While knowing something about computer programming helps, and making an app will take some time and effort, almost anyone can make an app pretty fast and easy.

First Steps to Creating App

Before you do anything else, the first stop in creating an Android app is deciding what you want the app to do. It doesn’t matter how much programming skill you have if you don’t have an idea of what you want to do with it.

An Android app can be about anything you want it to be whether you want an alarm clock that plays Beethoven or you want to make a game, you can do it on Android. So, if you don’t have an idea about an app yet, take some time to think of one. The first step in any process is deciding what you want to do

How Will it Work

Once you know what you want your app to do, the next step is figuring out how to make it work. Thankfully the Android platform is incredibly easy to use. Now, before you start worrying that we are about to get into a bunch of talk about computer coding and discuss math concepts, take a breath and relax.

One of the benefits with working with Android is that there is a massive user community that has already done a lot of the work for you. Right now there are dozens of apps available that can help you make an Android app. Whether you know the first thing about programming or not doesn’t matter because someone else did and made an app to help you.

While there are a number of app making apps out there, the best one is probably the Google App Engine. This app was designed by Google itself, and since Google created Android it makes sense to use their app to create these apps.

There are other app making apps out there and a fast internet search will give you dozens to look into, and you might want to do this since all of them offer something a little different. While the Google Engine app is probably the most complete app making app out there, there are a number of other good ones to go with as well.

Once you have decided on what you want your app to do and picked a good app making program, the next step is to go ahead and install the program you want to use. Once you have it installed, go ahead and open it up and see what it is all about.

Most likely there will be a tutorial of some kind and, believe it or not, most of these tutorials will do more to teach you about app development than you would think. Start playing with the app maker, see how it works and what it does. Once you have a good grasp of what the app maker can do you can move onto the next step.

Take Time Out to Think Of End Product

Right now you have three things. You have a concept of what you want your app to do, you have a way to make that app, and you have some knowledge about how to use that program. The next step is to start actually making your app.

This is where the real fun starts. As you start making your app, you are going to get to see it come to life. Not only will you get to see the app come to life but you can make changes to it as it goes along. Don’t be surprise at all if while you are making your app you find yourself getting a new idea on where to go with it.

Once you have finished you app, your work still isn’t quite done. Ask yourself a question. What good is an app if no one uses it? The answer is pretty simple, an app is only any good if someone uses it. While some people like to create apps just to do it, you probably wanted to create an app for someone else to use and that is where the next step comes in.

Promote Your App

If you want other people to use your app, then you have to find a way for people to not only learn about your app but also give them a place to download it. Here you have a few options. Because Android is used by so many products it is really actually pretty easy to put your app on most of the websites that these products have for apps. For example if you developed an app for the Kindle (Amazon’s eReader) then you only have to pop on their app site, upload your app, and now anyone can download it for whatever price you set it at.

One you have your app uploaded on a site so people can get it, the final step in creating your app is letting people know about it. If you already have a website, this is a great place to tell people about your app. If you have a Facebook page you might want to tell people there as well.

You can even call your mom and dad and tell them about your app if you want. The idea here is to get people using your app, that way when you crate your next app, you already have people familiar with your product. Now, before you talk yourself out of it, go get an app making app and get to work, there are people who would love to have an app that does what yours is going to do.

About the Author: Roger Simon is a regular contributor to many different tech sites and likes to write about how to safely root Android, reviews of games, and keeping up with the advances in technology.


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    This is very inspiring, as getting from the start & Having no real background in programming (aside from making some adventures on ZX-81 and MSX), I want to get started on developing something for my own Android based eBook reader and android app development training even this online course seems to be interesting Has anyone tried any online courses so far. Please do provide a light on this also.

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