Can’t Keep Track Of Your Schedule? Mobile Calendar Apps That Can Help Organize Your Appointments

Sometimes, keeping track of your schedule is not always easy and there will be a few appointments that may be forgotten or lost. Relying on your phone’s typical calendar is not enough to ensure that all your appointments are met, but there are various calendar apps available today that offer streamlined solutions for organized daily tasks. This means that you no longer have to rely on your phone calendar or paper calendar alone. In fact, these apps are perfect to use for highly important appointments in both your personal and professional life, most especially when you have legal matters to attend to.

The Sunrise Calendar App

The app incorporates your Gmail, Linkedln, Facebook and Google Calendar accounts in an easy to use colorful interface. It also provides you with weather forecast on days you have an appointment or event to attend. Photos of your fr
iends are also displayed alongside the name of your Facebook friends and their birthday reminders, while also providing you with a complete attendee list of events and the directions to them.

The Tempo Calendar App

This is a calendar app that integrates Linkedln, Facebook and up to five email accounts in order to provide a comprehensive digital schedule system. You can review your daily schedule and all your other weekly and monthly appointments by simply swiping. Tempo is created with a rich user interface and customization features so you have the ease and freedom to navigate through the system and even personalize it.

The Chronos Calendar App

As it is suited for Windows phones, the app offers support
for high resolution graphics while synchronizing information with your phone calendar and Microsoft account. The app features a split screen display for your daily appointments and monthly appointments. Since the app is especially created for Microsoft products, you can easily customize the app’s Live Tile on your home screen by altering the displayed information and color.

The Cozi Calendar App

Not only is this app a personal organizer for your appointments, but it also helps you stay on track of your family’s schedule each day. The app is designed as a stand alone calendar, shared organizer, to – do list and journal. Though you can not integrate it with your social media accounts and email accounts, you can still create task lists, journal entries and events to be viewed by your family. They can access the app using a personal email address and a shared password.

This type of app is especially useful when you have court hearings such as DUI hearings to attend and you have the tendency to forget your schedule. Your family members can also remind you about your appointment. This is handy as “anytime a defendant fails to show up to court for a DUI case, the judge could issue a bench warrant. This means you can be picked up at anytime and put in jail,” says Suhre Law & Associates, criminal defense experts of Chicago, IL.

The Pocket Informant App

The app can also be synchronized to your Google accounts and to Toodledo which is an online task manager. As the app utilizes the cloud to store information, all other devices will be automatically updated whenever changes are made or whenever appointments are added. In fact, you can also switch multiple calendars on and o
ff whenever you please.

The Business Calendar App

This app is designed with a clean user interface and synchronizes with your Google calendar. You can expand your week’s schedule using the slider and navigate easily using pinch to zoom and drag and drop features. You can also color code events and appointments while utilizing different widget design themes.

About the Author: Valerie Benson is a freelance writer who specializes in various legal topics. She offers information about driving under the influence, the consequences of DUI charges and the latest apps and devices to help prevent and assist in different DUI issues.


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