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License: Creative Commons image source

License: Creative Commons image source

Having a mobile app that extends your existing business is a very good idea but this is not enough. Currently, there are countless of mobile apps in the market, which creates huge competition. This should not be discouraging because you can learn to stay ahead of your competition, get your app noticed and more notably, get more out of your business’ mobile app. You need to make use your business mobile app optimally, in order to increase the number of your customers and revenue. Here is how to get more out of your business’ mobile app:

Market Your App

With more than a Million apps available globally, there is stiff competition. You may have the greatest and most magnificent business’ mobile app in the world, but if you do not manage to get the word out about it, no one is going to use it. While advertising your business’ mobile app, you will also be marketing your business as well because the two are related. This in turn will boost your branding since your customers can clearly see the slogan and logo of your business on their mobile devices thus, it will be easy for them to remember you each time they need products/services related to what your business is offering. This also offers a competitive edge against your competitors who are yet take up this business strategy.

Use Your Business’ Mobile App as a Marketing Tool

If properly utilized, a mobile app can turn out to be a valuable marketing tool for your business. This can be achieved by integrating your mobile app with social media sites such as Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and more. This will allow your customers to share the experience they had while interacting with your business app with their friends within their network, giving you free publicity. Additionally, you can conveniently send upcoming events or promotions to your prospects and customers using push notifications.

Get User Feedback

Do not be surprised to find out that your business’ mobile app users use it differently from the manner you expected them to. This is because various users have diverse tastes and preferences. Thus, it is imperative to get qualitative user feedback after they have interacted with your app. Through this, you will be able to provide precisely what your users need which in turn increases user satisfaction.

Generate More Income

There are four ways/models of generating income with mobile apps. The first way is through paid downloads, where customers purchase your app at a fixed price with no further charges. The second way is to get an exclusive sponsor for your mobile app. The third way is through in-app purchases, where your customers do not initially make any payments in order to start using your business app, but can make purchases within the app (while interacting with your app). The final way is to sell advertising space within your mobile app. All you need to do is to get a good match between the advertiser and your app and have a large base installed to support enough impressions required to generate profit. This allows you to make more money than the pay-per-download model. Now that you know how to get more out of your business’ mobile app, you should try mix and matching the above models in your app to find out which model generates most income for you.

About the Author: Patricia D. Smith has been earning good living through the internet industry for the past 10 years. Currently she is on the process of jumping over to another industry that she feels would take the helm of what the internet was – mobile industry. She plans to do it through Rippln.


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